Hey, sugar!

Lockdown day about a million or so.

DD-1: Wednesday 24/06/20

So M made me watch one of his infernal podcast things the other night with Joe Rogan – absolutely not my kind of thing as they always sound a bit shouty. BUT, he’d sent me a link to a podcast on the ketogenic diet as a treatment of epilepsy so I was interested. I’ve had a few dizzy light-headed spells recently, where I’ve worried that I might have a seizure. October’s tonic clonic seizure was the first in 17 seventeen years (so long ago that they used to have an entirely different name! A “Grand Mal” seizure surely has more gravitas than a wacky “tonic clonic”?! It’s just more embarrassing now somehow.). These dizzy spells are likely to just be anxiety at the thought of having another fit, but they’re still frightening. Anyway, I would much rather adjust my diet than go on the big scary epilepsy medication, so watching half an hour of the podcast got me thinking. While the ketogenic diet sounds a bit too serious for me (urine tests? counting stuff? ugh, no thanks), maybe a change in diet might be worth looking at. I mentioned it to my eminently sensible friend, L, tonight on our cycle up to the reservoir. She’s always been interested in nutrition and eating well (she’s vegan and chooses weird beige stuff when we go out for food) so OBVIOUSLY she’d tried ketogenics before. She said it was excellent and had used it to lose weight, but in quite possibly the first ever voluntary conversation I’ve ever had on nutrition, we ended up talking about sugar.

Ah, sugar, how I love thee! I know I scoff too much of the beautiful stuff. I know this, but I’ve never particularly cared – the heart wants what the heart wants. Our wonderful NHS dentists hate me (conversely, private dentists seem to think I’m great). People have commented on my idea of snacks before, with raised eyebrows, but they’re blatantly wrong (bags of fizzy laces, three for £1, just makes financial sense, no?!). When I was younger, six sugars in my tea were not uncommon. Over the years, that number gradually reduced down to an ever so grown-up one. Or two/three, if I’m feeling blue. I’ve always felt any funny wee dizzy turns were related to not having enough sugar at that particular moment, so much so that I carry glucose tablets in my bag and shove them in to my face as soon as I feel dizzy or worry that I might have a seizure, or I just fancy a dusty wee snack. I had mentioned this to my neurologist but was swiftly told that it was a placebo effect, and while she’s probably right (years of university, and all that), I do feel like my crazy sugar intake might be, at least, partially responsible. All those spikes just can’t possibly be good for me. It’s time to admit that I have a bad relationship with sugar. My name’s Jess and I’m a sugar junkie.

So. After 35+ years of sugary joy (oh, the sour ones!), I’m going to cut out the heavenly Haribo (even those spiffing little green and white tangfastic keys). And desserts. And the sugar in my teas and coffees. Even the sweeteners in my teas and coffees. Hard. Core… but only for two weeks (at first, anyway, to make sure I don’t die from sadness). I’m scared. But also a bit excited!



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