So far, so anti-climax

Day One. Thursday 25/06/20

6am – My first ever intentional sugar-free coffee. Meh. It’s okay. Not sure what I’d expected but it’s drinkable. Bit cringey when I think of the fuss I’ve made in the past if someone accidentally made me coffee without the sweet stuff. Apparently my love for caffeine is more important to me than having it sugared up. Had been genuinely concerned about this milestone – what an eejit.

My commitment is further cemented as I take some seriously ugly close-ups of my skin (middle-age-ish with puberty skin is like a double whammy of suckiness) and the mandatory “before” body shots. Another positive – first time I’ve worn matching bra and pants in forever. Who knew sugarfree could be so life changing?

Unearth some dusty, cheapo scales from a cupboard. No way they’re right though – I’m in fairly decent shape right now so can’t possibly be over 12 stone like these bad boys are telling me. Will pick up some new, hopefully friendlier, ones this weekend.

08.30am – toast and peanut butter. I’ve never said I’m cutting out sugar entirely but this does feel like it might be cheating. Just bought a new jar though so will use that as a flimsy excuse to eat my way through it.

12.30 – had last night’s leftovers for lunch – a huge plate of chicken lasaka, made by my own fair hand so I’m fully aware of the multiple, massive tablespoons of peanut butter that I’d added – apparently I may have a peanut butter problem too but one thing at a time.

6pm – calling it a day with work. It’s been too busy for me to really notice the lack of treats so far. It’s a beautiful evening and a perfect night for a cold beer, but while I’ve not said that I’m stopping drinking (heaven forbid!), I do know that Tennents, my particular lager of choice, is like 80% sugar and 20% crap, so I give Morrisons a swerve and cycle directly to M’s instead.  Fish and chips for dinner – no dessert but somehow survive anyway. What a rockstar.

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