Friday night treat – a satsuma. Wow.

Day 2 of my cutting out sugar plan – Friday 26/06

Great mood this morning: coffees are completely fine without sugar, what was I thinking all those years?! Had peanut butter and (brown) toast for breakfast again with a side-order of guilt at the is-this-cheating-PB. The alternative in my kitchen would be cheerios but surprisingly, they look to have the same amount of sugar. The only healthy breakfast I can actually think of is kippers (not in my tiny wee flat, thanks) or porridge (snore). Sure there must be a better solution but will park that for now.

Cook a teriyaki beef mince thing for lunch (and dinner). I’ve only just started learning to cook (“Hello Fresh” boxes during lockdown have been a surprisingly pleasing diversion), having previously lived on microwave meals and takeaways – so it feels pretty awesome knowing that what I’m eating isn’t crammed with bad stuff.

4pm – It’s been another busy day with work but I’ve still got quite a lot to get through. Unfortunately, I have a dull headache, feel light-headed, and I’m struggling to concentrate. Is that Friday afternoon malaise or finally the arrival of the sugar shakes?

7pm – A wee satsuma after dinner almost (in no way at all) satisfies my it’s-Friday-where’s-the sweets craving. Normally I binge sugar at the weekend – I’d saunter down to the shop and savour the selection process, salivating a little, and with gentle tummy butterflies at the prospect of joy that a large bag will bring (a “share bag” – ho ho ho. Sharing sweeties? No. I am a selfish sweetie eater, often going as far to pocket munch sweeties so no one knows what I have). The sourer the better, with a chaser of something like fruit coin disks to pad out the experience. But yeah, I’m not doing any of that so instead, feeling a bit morose, work late, mooch about the flat, and go to bed fairly early with a book.

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