Dull, dull, dull!

Day 3 of the great sugar reduction – Saturday 27/06

9am – quite a lie-in for me but my sugar-free coffee doesn’t seem to give me the normal jump-start so I laze about for a bit. Find a box of slightly out-of-date supermarket-own “wheat biscuits” in the back of the cupboard so have three of those for breakfast – what on earth prompted me to buy these in the first place? They’re piddly as well as being unbelievably dull, so I assume that means super healthy.

11.30 – going to go out for a jog shortly but feeling a bit empty so have a wee Activia no-added sugar cherry yoghurt.

1pm – Lovely 7k jog and didn’t keel over so feeling pretty good. Make a butternut squash curry with brown rice – feeling particularly virtuous right now!

7pm – eat the remains of the butternut squash curry for dinner, followed by a ten-minute mental battle as I argue with myself that one little Saturday night bag of sweeties isn’t really cheating. Thankfully, good Jess wins but it’s a hollow victory as I feel like I’m punishing myself and I spend the rest of the night on a downer.

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