Wait. What? There’s how much sugar in that?!

Day 4 of my sugar reduction diary– Sunday 27/06

Weather has been rotten this weekend and lockdown means that I feel like I’ve not done anything exciting. Going to brave today’s stormy weather for a walk with M later.

Have two boiled eggs and toast this morning. My bread apparently has “carbohydrates – of which sugars: 1.2g per slice.” so breakfast starts with 2.4g -there’s probably sugar in my spread too. A quick google reveals that my 2 eggs each have 0.6g of sugar in them – I’m not smart enough to understand how that works, but regardless, I’m on 3.6g for breakfast and NHS recommends no more than 30g a day so I’m not doing terribly.

We brave the elements at 12.30pm for a walk – M brings Tesco premade sandwiches for lunch and we sit hunched up in a bus stop trying to keep dry while we eat them. I’m aware that that might sound awful, but I’m a very content (if slightly damp) bunny.

7pm – I make chipotle steak tacos for dinner. I moan about the lack of dessert. A lot. I have an Activa no-added sugar instead, which almost makes me feel better until I feel much worse when M shows me that somehow they’ve crammed 8.6g of sugar in to this tiny, pathetic little yoghurt.

How is this possible? OMG, reality check! According to google, in just one 190g bag of haribo, there is 95g of sugar!! Is that right?! Even worse – my joy-filled three bags for £1 from coop amount to almost 150g of sugar! (44.7g in a pack of sugar fizzy laces, 52g in strawberry laces). Holy crap! Obviously, I knew sugary sweets were sugary but I’ve never actually thought about the content in relation to a daily average. I’m in shock. M doesn’t understand how I didn’t know this. I don’t understand how I’m not the size of a house.

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