Denial and misery… with a tiny point of yum.

Day 5 of trying to cut out the crap – Monday 29/06/20

This morning’s coffee tastes of sadness. I’m still reeling at last night’s revelations on the sugar content of my favourite treats.

I do recall a video that did the rounds a few years ago showing how haribo are made – I never watched it at the time – why would I voluntarily leave the comfort of my cosy, sugar high denial ? Maybe it’s time to dig it out and hammer that final nail home.

There was one very pleasing, nay, MIRACULOUS, development last night though. Last night, after taking a sup of my completely sugar/sweetener free tea, I “yummed”. Yikes. Was that me?!

My shiny new electronic scales are delivered at first light. Somewhat distressingly, they also tell me that I’m 78.4kg (12 stone 4 lbs!) which means that the dusty, decrepit scales that I’ve just thrown out were on point. Yikes. I’m a stone heavier than I thought I was.

Chermoula chicken and couscous for a yummy lunch (and leftovers for dinner).

5.30pm – should go for a run but can’t be bothered. Have dinner at 7pm, followed by the penultimate despicable yogurt. Every mouthful (and there’s not even that many in such a small pot) is soured by my new knowledge of how much sugar it contains.

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