Sugar, sugar everywhere!

Day 7 of cutting out the sweet stuff – Wed 1st July

6am – Quite a late night for me last night so cycle back from M’s feeling groggy. I would love a cup of sugary coffee to get me going this morning but yeah, it’s fine. I’ve managed a whole week already so I’m determined to persevere!

In a normal week, I would’ve had at least three cups of tea/coffee with two teaspoons of sugar per day (and probably another three of four cups that just had sweeteners). That equates to a weekly saving of at least 42 teaspoons of sugar from my teas and coffees alone. And if there’s 4 grams of sugar in one teaspoon, that means that my previous coffee/ tea intake gave me 168 grams of sugar per week when the weekly allowance is only 210g. Wow!

I can’t even do the math for how much sugar I’ve saved for not having sweeties too.

8am – A feeling virtuous breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers.

12pm – lunch was the leftovers from yesterday’s lunch chicken rice stickiness with half a litre or so of hoi sin and soy sauce. Still feeling a bit drained today but refrain from the temptation of adding sugar to my coffee, as I now know that hoi sin sauce is pretty much the devil’s work so don’t want to make it any worse.

7.30pm – dinner of halloumi, chick peas, quinoa salad. I’ve previously ignored the recipe advice of drizzling honey over the final dish but after last night’s happy honey revelations, drizzle, I do (though ‘drown’ might be more accurate). Delicious. Happiness restored… until, Oh FFS! Someone needs to take Google away from me! 17g of sugar in one tablespoon of honey! Why can’t I have anything nice?! But also, I wonder if that amount of sugar is why I now feel like a bloated beached whale?



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