Loving life!

Day 8 of the great sugar reduction plan – Thursday 02/07/20

6am – Hmmm… my coffee tastes different today. Not different bad, just different. It’s interesting. I’ve definitely started noticing more flavours in general. M says my taste-buds are waking up. I know that’s an outcome if you stop smoking but should I really notice that from not having sugar for a week? How badly have I been treating my body for the last 37 years?

Anyway, it’s another busy day but I notice at 5.30pm that I’ve not had any sweet cravings all day! That’s a first. Hopefully I’ve turned a corner. I’m running/swimming with a friend tonight at white loch so I have a can of soup and some bread and butter to keep me going.

It’s a brilliant evening and I feel totally euphoric after the swim, laughing and blethering like a loon. It was a surprisingly easy no to the offer of a post-swim shared chocolate bar – I wasn’t even temped, though thankfully my friend waited to eat if after I’d left. Who knows if I’d tried to wrestle him for it if I’d got a whiff! Back home by 9.30pm, cold but happily exhausted, so after a warm shower and some peanut butter on toast, I jump in to bed with a book feeling thoroughly healthy and wholesome.



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