Fridays are my danger days

Day 9 of good riddance to sugar! Friday 3rd July ’20

6am – wake up still on a high after yesterday evening’s activities so after half an hour perusing the news, I decide to build the small shelving unit that was delivered recently, to make my WFH set-up a bit more comfortable. My first ever solo flat-pack DIY is done by 8am and I’m as proud as punch.

Have some breakfast of peanut butter and toast (didn’t realise it was my second consecutive PB meal until I was eating it!) and log on ready for my last working day of the week. Even first thing, my mind wanders to what I’ll have as a “Friday treat”. I nip it in the bud as soon as I recognise it – treats don’t need to be sweeties! I only feel a brief pang of regret and force myself to think about my day instead.

12.30pm Make a Moroccan chicken and couscous thing for lunch. Have my second caffeinated coffee of the day (I only ever allow myself two a day these days – the rest of my teas and coffees are decaf, as I know that caffeine is a common epilepsy trigger) and pleased that I don’t feel the need to have the last Activa-no-added-sugar-but-still-contains-a-SHITLOAD-of-sugar-anyway-yoghurt. I’ll save it for later, and then won’t buy any more.

7pm – M comes over and we get pizza delivered. Normally, I’d add a box of cookies too (hot, still chewy in the middle, fresh out of the oven. God, they’re good.) but don’t even contemplate it for that long tonight. Instead, we share (mostly, though M would probably disagree) the last ever Activa yoghurt in my fridge, and with that, they’re done. If I do ever go back to eating desserts, which I’m sure I will, at least I’m not going to fool myself by thinking these are a healthy option.



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