Freedom! (from sugar)

Day 11 of saying goodbye to sweets. Sunday 05/07/20

It’s a blustery morning in Stirling and the met office has given a yellow weather warning for wind. After our peaceful wander around Stirling last night, we’re in fine fettle but we decide that we should probably head straight back to Glasgow after a quick visit to the Wallace monument. The weather’s going to make the cycle home a bit interesting so we don’t want to dally for too long.

We have a basic full breakfast at the hotel restaurant (sausages, beans, bacon, fried eggs, white toast and butter, an apple juice and a coffee). It’s only while I’m eating that I realise how much sugar I’ve consumed last night and now this morning – while my two IPA lagers didn’t have any added sugar, and I purposefully chose chicken fried rice without sauce, I had a whole punnet off raspberries too. Actually, no, while writing this, I’ve just realised that last night’s choices were a world away from what I would’ve chosen before – tennents lager, sweet and sour chicken, cheesecake dessert, and haribos for after, so actually I’m going to congratulate myself instead, plus I’d cycled all afternoon and then walked for over an hour! Gie yersel a break, FFS!

Anyway, after breakfast, we head back out on our bikes under a sky of racing clouds and wild winds. After a quick jaunt up the steep Wallace monument hill (very cool building and views, particularly with no other visitors due to the covid restrictions), we sit for a moment on a bench and plan the journey home, just as the rain starts.

Google doesn’t recognise the route we’d previously considered so there’s a bit of work screenshotting while we plot. I feel a bit lightheaded after looking at my screen for too long, so M more or less insists that I take a few gulps of his sugar laden smoothie.

My head clears after sitting still for a few minutes and then, just as the rain and wind notch it up a few gears, we head off.

Being fairly new to this cycling lark, we haven’t checked the contours for our new route home, which is how we end up huffing and puffing with our old heavy mountain bikes on a road (tellingly called the “Tak Me Doon”) that crossies the Campsie hills. It’s fairly brutal. The one blessing of such ferocious wind is that the torrential downpours generally don’t last longer than ten minutes. Even without the wild weather, the ascent would see us struggle. It’s hard going and I have a Nakd bar at one point to give me an energy blast (17.9g of sugar but it’s all natural and it gives me the mental and sugar burst that I need halfway up a hill in such crazy conditions). Somehow we keep going, listing the positives to each other, having the occasional wet faced kiss, and after 90 minutes or so, we get to the top and enjoy the view briefly before whizzing down the other side to the small village of Kilsyth. We pause briefly to devour our slightly soggy sandwiches before pressing on. We’ve still got a couple of hours ahead of us but it should at least be flat from here on in.

The rain batters us on and off nearly all the way home and we arrive at M’s knackered and ready for an Indian takeaway. No guilt here, I’ve definitely deserved it this time.

3 thoughts on “Freedom! (from sugar)

  1. Loving following your withdrawal from sugar Jess😀 👍
    Amazed to hear of your mammoth cycling weekend away 😁🚴‍♀️
    and relieved to read of your safe bedraggled arrival back 😘🎉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Done! I’m exhausted just after hearing about your breakfast! I have no idea where you both get the stamina to cycle that far! never mind uphill! (you should bottle it, you would make a fortune) lol – I think I would have to be hospitalized after such a ride!
    Keep safe, lots of love your family in California 😉

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