Exercise powered by nothing but healthy stuff and good vibes

Day 12 of my sugar detox – Monday 6th July ’20

7am – The cycle back to mine this morning, while an hour later than I’d normally leave, is far less painful than I’d feared. I’m pooped after this weekend’s exertions though so I climb back in to bed when I get home and have a lazy morning before logging on at 9am.

9am – Ooft, a sugary coffee would really help but I resist the urge and soldier on without. I can do this!

1230pm – I lunch on the remains of Friday’s Moroccan chicken couscous thing, after sniffing it suspiciously for a while. It’s been in a sealed box in the fridge though so I should survive.

5.30pm – Somewhat ridiculously after spending the weekend cycling, I agree to go cycling after work. I’ve previously avoided the loch that we’re heading to as the hilly route always put me off, but my friend convinces me that it’s the perfect evening for it, and apparently, this is just the sort of thing I do now. M ducks out (on account of it being ridiculous) but I munch on an apple to give me a sugar burst before heading out to meet my two friends.

It’s a relentless uphill slog but surprisingly, everything feels quite strong except for a wee niggle in my knee. After just over an hour, with only a little swearing, we arrive at the loch which is by now, under a rather broody sky and biting wind.

8pm – After a 25 minute swim, we whizz down the hill back to Glasgow, huge smiles on our faces, the earlier schlep forgotten. As the scenery flies past, I delight in how healthy I feel. I’m amazed at all the exercise I’ve done over the last few days without being propped up by haribo. While I’m only intending to blog for a few more days (two weeks is enough of me droning on!), I’m definitely going to keep most of the habits. For one thing, I’ve not yet seen the promised improvement in my skin, which particularly on my back, is worse than it’s ever been, at least since puberty. I’m disappointed that it’s not glowing by now, and I can’t think why… as I pull up by the fish and chip shop to grab a takeaway for dinner.

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