Blueberry badness

Day 13 of cutting down sugar – Tuesday 7th July ’20.

8.30am – Breakfast on peanut butter and toast, and I feel only the slightest loss at my sugar-free coffee. An added benefit of reducing my sugar is that I’m definitely having less coffees than before – that can only be a good thing.

12pm – Lunch is a bacon sandwich before I head to the shops to get some lockdown shopping in for an elderly lady that’s shielding nearby. She hasn’t left the house since March, so shopping for her reminds me that there are many things for which I’m thankful. Today, when I drop off her shopping, she tells me that she’d like a wee chocolate bar next week. I’ll take it to her in the next day or so rather than making her wait a week, but the thought of perusing the sweetie aisle genuinely makes me a little nervous.

3pm – After such a small lunch (for me), my belly starts to growl, so I heat up a can of soup. I don’t really have much in the house right now. It’s strange but since reducing my sweeties and “treats”, I think I’m generally snacking less.

6pm – I log off from work and jog a slow but short 5km to try and get my legs back after my cycling escapades.

7pm – M comes over and I heat up a butcher’s steak pie, some pre-packaged mixed veg, and I rustle up some simple piri piri potatoes. Previously, I would’ve counted this as cooking (!), but since lockdown my cooking efforts have improved dramatically – I just couldn’t be assed with any effort today, and sometimes, only a big hearty meal will do.

I devour a large tray of blueberries to assuage the dessert craving, and it works, until M points out that there’s 30g of sugar in the 300g that I just shovelled into my face. Oops! A quick Google, while confirming that he’s right, for once makes me feel slightly better as I read that blueberries don’t actually have adverse effects on blood sugar levels, possibly due to their high content of bioactive compounds. I don’t look for any more sources in case I read something contradictory, but vow to only buy the small packet in future.

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